Brighton Arena Protocols (Brighton Minor Hockey)

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September 21st, 2021


As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, health and safety is our number one priority for both members of the public and our staff. To ensure the health and safety of the community cooperation is required from everyone.

After September 22nd the protocol will be as follows when entering the Facility:

Everyone over the age of 18 must provide evidence of being double vaccinated for a minimum of 14 days before the date of entering a public building.

A doctor’s note is the only acceptable way to not comply with these new protocols.


There is one-way entrance into the facility individual ice pad and designated exits using directional floor markers to support physical distancing.

Users are in designated dressing rooms to get ready for their rental. It is recommended to come partially dressed to reduce the time needed in the dressing room, masks must be worn in the dressing room.

No more than 50 participants including all coaching staff and referees are permitted on the ice.

There are no limits in the spectator area.

All user groups must record the name, contact and vaccination information of every member of the public who attends (participants, officials, bench staff and spectators) and provide the record to the arena staff.

1st user group comes into the facility 30 minutes before their rental. Skaters go to the designated dressing rooms and the parents sign in and go to the spectator area and sit on designated spots in the stands.

They go out on the ice and play for scheduled allotted ice time.

30 minutes before the next ice time is scheduled to start the next group is allowed into the arena to go straight to their designated dressing rooms. They stay in these dressing rooms until the buzzer goes signaling that the ice is ready to use.

The group which has come off the ice must stay in their dressing rooms until all of the second group are on the ice and the hallway is clear for them to exit. The showers are now open for use

This will ensure a safe flow in and out of the arena. Parents will be expected to be social distanced in the seating area.


Off ice warm-up activities are not permitted within the facility.

Outside drinks must be consumed while seated socially distanced only. Masks are to be worn otherwise.

It is required that program/league administrators complete a Covid-19 Safety Plan online describing the steps being taken to adhere to all regulations and requirements including distancing and crowd control. The final plan should be shared with all participants.

There will be Zero Tolerance due to the dangers of this Coronavirus.

Loss of ice time will occur if protocols are not followed.

Let us all hope that Stage 4 comes soon and our facilities will become even closer to normal operations.

Wishing everyone a safe, successful 2021-22 ice season.




Jim Millar, CIT, RRFA

Director of Parks and Recreation